I mentioned a few days ago that I made a trip to a local vintage shop and picked up a really lovely dress. Figured that I should post it, eh?  This dress is either from the 1940s or the 1950s (I can’t remember what the tag said), and it has a really lovely fit. Now, I could have a bit more room…if I would go ahead and go back to doing 10 – 20 minutes of pilates daily like I used to! This dress is the incentive that I needed to go back to exercising. lol But  honestly, it fits just fine.

The shop owner is actually a family friend of ours (no, I did not get a discount!), and she is in love with all things vintage. She’s truly passionate about it. When she gets new pieces in, she takes the time to do all of the research on each piece – the era, the fabric, what the item was used for, the history behind certain fabrics/patterns/styles…the works. She also takes her show on the road and does vintage presentations all over the place! It’s always wonderful to find people who truly love what they do.

She rented out an old department store in the historic downtown area of the city she lives in, and she turned the top floor of the store into a vintage museum – it’s awesome. When she opens it up again for viewing, I will go and take photos to share here on the blog.

wearing vintage dress
Ignore the air purifier. I like being able to breathe! lol

vintage dress wearing

And the best part? It was only $15.  She’s holding another dress for me right now that came in on the day that I went by for a visit. I saw the pattern on the rack before seeing the actual dress and had to see it. And once I saw the dress as a whole, I had to have it. Will be going back on Thursday or Friday for it. Stay tuned!