The weather has been crazy lately. It warmed up, and then it was cold again overnight and stayed that way for another week or two. Which is why I’m happy that it’s warm again, and it seems like it’s going to stay that way this time! It’s almost 70 degrees outside today, which calls for no sleeves. Obviously.

One of these days I’ll learn how to take a proper outfit photo! lol

Why my shirt bunched up on that side, I’ll never know. Well, actually, it’s probably because the tank top is super long (bought it in a “tall” instead of a “regular” – lesson learned), and I had to pull it up some in order for it to not look like I was wearing a dress over these pants!

Top: Old Navy Jersey-Stretch Tamis (love these)

Pants: Target Capris in Fit 4 (mid-waist and curvy hip)

Shoes: Steve Madden Karro Pumps

Jewelry: the usual