So much for that “no buy” ban. *throws ban out the window!* I made a little trip to DSW over the weekend, just browsing around, when these beauties caught my eye! Where were they? The clearance aisle. Apparently they were an online return. They were the only pair in the store. Of course I snatched them right up!

Enzo Angiolini Tanen Platform Pumps in Red – Peep toe, 1.5 inch platform, 5 inch covered heel.

Original price: $110.00

Store price: $69.95

Online price: $59.95

Clearance price: $48-ish (I can’t find the receipt!)

Enzo Angiolini Tanen Platform pumps

I love how the bottom of the shoes have a faux wooden look. Did that make sense? It made sense in my head, don’t judge me.

Enzo Angiolini Tanen Platform Pumps

These are a lot more comfortable than they look! Now I need to find a reason to wear them. *looks around* Oh, who am I kidding. Like I need a reason. *throws on shoes to go grocery shopping!*

Happy Sunday!