Etsy and I are friends. We really are. But sometimes I look at it and wonder why it must tempt me so. Like, why are you trying to take all of my money, huh? HUH? Of course, that means that I’ve come across a few things that I really want…but don’t necessarily want to pay that much for. Right now.

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1) Stretch Silk Camisole and Pajama Pants ($72 and $98 respectively) – They just look so silky! I want. I waaaaant!


2) Patina Cuff Bracelet ($179.31) – It’s beautiful! It’s just beautiful.


3) Black Trenchcoat with Leather ($254) – It’s getting cold again, and this would be a perfect addition to the wardrobe…


4) Classic Black Jacket with Leather ($129) – I need to stop playing and buy this. I’ve wanted it for a year or two now, and keep procrastinating. No more. This will definitely be my Christmas present to myself.


5) Vintage New & Old Jewelry Phone Case ($495) – This is so gorgeous, and is exactly what I have been looking for! But I am not paying that much for a cell phone cover. I could absolutely understand if it is all fine jewelry, and it’s probably a bit of a mix, but the phone itself costs around that much. No. If the price ends up being lowered, though…

What’s calling out to you on Etsy these days? What items keep threatening to empty out your wallet with no apologies?